These days everyone from publishers to freelancers wants an edge up on the competition. Thanks to STRATA, now even advertisers can get in on the action. STRATA, a media buying and selling software provider recently released a major update to its Enterprise Agency Management platform.

The Art and Efficiency of Media Buying

The art of media buying hasn’t always been a swift process, but now thanks to STRATA and its comprehensive suite of tools, advertisers can plan, buy, optimize and bill with the best of them, across all forms of media. Advertisers can now connect with industry dashboards and report writers efficiently and in real-time.

To their credit, this wasn’t a typical update. STRATA literally rewrote their entire system so that advertisers could have the scalability they desired in order to keep pace with the changing media landscape. With an outdated platform, advertisers wasted money working around inefficiencies.

Going Above and Beyond

With the new update, advertisers and agencies not only have a cutting edge e-business platform from which to buy and sell, they can also go beyond buying within their previously established comfort zones.

STRATA’s system is written in current development languages, which makes it easier for users to engage with others without the fear of custom development. Such developments and upgrades shows that STRATA had the forethought to rebuild its Enterprise Agency Management platform for our current marketplace, but also for future media landscapes.

Staying true to their mantra, the updated Enterprise Agency Management platform lets advertisers buy, build and evolve all media analysis and transactions. For those that they serve, it’s business as usual, no matter what business brings.