A new study reveals that understanding your website’s demographic could reap big rewards for your online advertisements. Bizo, an online advertising targeting firm surveyed over 80 million business professionals between January and July 2010. What they found is not only interesting, it also provides context for better understanding your current results and how they might be improved.

Who's Clicking, Buying and When?

According to Gendernomics: A professional take on who is looking at, and who is reacting to online ads, women have a higher click through rate then men, but men are 53% more likely to buy, start a free trial, download or complete a desired action.

Additionally, time of day influences when women and men click and buy -- men prefer to click in the morning and buy in the afternoon, while women click and buy in the mornings.


Occupation Influences Clicks & Actions

Knowing who your demographic is, is important, but knowing what they do could benefit your online ads as well. Bizo found that users who work in publishing, accounting, drug stores/pharmacies, veterinary services and agriculture click the most, while those in car rental, aerospace and defense manufacturing, media/music, boats and marine manufacturing and higher education click the least.

When it comes to following through, users who work in business services, media/internet, hospitality, advertising/marketing are more likely to act. Users who are employed in health management, construction/residential building and graphic design are not. Notably most actions are taken by C-level executives, IT, Marketing, medical/health and advertising professionals.

What Does This Mean?

So how do you make this work for you? Well, first and foremost it seems to confirm what we suspected all along, click through rates are not indicative of who will end up buying or following through with a desired action or outcome. The study also shows that users demographics need to include more than just gender and age. You need to effectively understand what their professional objectives are as well.

However, this is just one of many studies suggesting what influences the success of online advertising. There is not a one-size fits all solution. In the end, experimentation is still the best way to understand what works for you and your company.