Tag management is the process of managing the various web analytics and campaign tags you place on your web pages to measure traffic, run campaigns and all that good stuff. It's unlikely you use just one application that uses tags, which means tag management can be a pain in the butt. Tealium introduces a solution for your tag management woes -- a single universal tag managed by the marketer, not IT.

One Tag to Rule Them All

Ah, guess we'll never tie of cool phrases from Lord of the Rings...In this case though it is true. When you install Tealium IQ in your organization you get a self-service tag management solution for marketers. Get your development team to add a single tag to your webpages, and then head over to the self-service interface to add all those applications that use tags and manage them in a single UI.


Tealium IQ

You can select from a number of vendors that Tealium supports, including SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, DoubleClick and Commission Junctions. Add one to your admin interface and set it all up there:


Tealium IQ - SiteCatalyst Example

Once you add the application to Tealium, using a simple interface you select what tag loads, where and what the load rule is and what data points to set. No need to know Javascript, no changes to the actual source code required.

Tealium hosts a library that contains the libraries associated with each vendor. So when you add a new vendor to your tag management interface, that library is added to the main library. Only one Javascript file is updated and Tealium does that for you.

The goal of tag management is to give marketing and measurement professionals direct control over their digital measurement infrastructure, and to eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming IT cycles,” said Gary Angel, president and CTO of Semphonic, the leading web analytics and measurement consulting group. “Tealium iQ does a superb job of that.”

Tags are a Marketing Function

But tagging is typically an IT function, requiring development, test and deploy resources and time. Tealium IQ is designed to remove the need for IT and give the digital marketer easy access to set up and manage all of their tags from a single location.

According to Tealium, the average organization manages between 20-30 tags, some reaching 70 tags. This doesn't mean 70 different vendors, but it could mean different versions of a tag on different pages. Tealium IQ is the central repository to manage all those tags. As a marketer, can you think of a better tool to have in your hands?