In March MindTouch (newssite) announced their list for the most powerful voices in open source. Today, they bring us a new list: the most influential bloggers in technical communications

Communications on the Social Web

We probably don't have to tell you how important technical communications are -- they help customers understand the products and services you sell, from basic product information, to reports and whitepapers, to user manuals and much more.

With so many consumers utilizing the social web to learn more about your products and services and looking for help to their problems, you would expect a lot of the people who do technical communications to be on social networking sites helping out and learning what they need to do different to support these customers.

MindTouch was curious to know who the most influential bloggers in technical communications are today and were surprised to learn that there was a definite lack of social media experience among many.

Via a number of metrics (including Alexa, Klout Infuence, Google Page Rank, Technorati Authority and Twitter Followers), they have come up with the list of the 25 Most Influencial Bloggers in Technical Communications .

The criteria for inclusion:

  1. The individual needed to have a blog with regular updated posts.
  2. The blogger needed to have external activity on 3rd party sites like Twitter for additional influence points.
  3. The blogger’s focus needed to be Technical Communication subject matter

Want to know why and how you can be more active on sites like Twitter? Read Anne Gentle's Focus on Twitter for Technical Documentation (note Anne is # 6 on the list).

You can read more about how the list was created on Mark Fidelman's post on the MindTouch blog. But here's the list in full: 


Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers in Technical Communications

* Since the blog was located on a URL with other blogs, we triangulated traffic data on RJ’s blog to determine an approximate Alexa rank
** Since we could not distinguish Aaron from Scott on their blog or Twitter, we included them both