The engage word is prolific these days -- its popularity far ahead of the practices which cultivate it. Tools are evolving to help, but they are probably best considered threads in the fabric, rather than the magic solution for your analytic and communicative needs.

Web Engagement Management (WEM) will iterate in practical application and our knowledge will continue to evolve. Analysts Scott Liewehr and Ian Truscott of The Gilbane Group are furthering the cause with an investigation of the core capabilities of WEM, and then going another step with maturity measures for each area.

The 5 capabilities so far defined include:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Content Management
    Contentmanagement, not web content management. This is the capability of anorganization to manage and publish different kinds of assets to multiplevisitor touch points. The web is one touch point.
  2. Social Media
    Engaging means going beyond a presence on Twitteror Facebook. Success and maturity is about how these things are leveraged and measured to form anintegrated part of the audience experience.
  3. Visitor Insight
    How sophisticated are your analytics? What are you measuring exactly? Is the data solid? Having lots of visitors could mean they like pictures of funny kittens. Having well-understood,engaged visitors is a business asset.
  4. Integrated Campaign Management
    In most organizations our websites are part of a greater digitalcommunications machine and our audiences view us a single entity acrossmultiple touch points.This capability is about how each of our digitalmarketing moving parts works together.
  5. Organizational Preparedness
    The discipline of engagement spans various parts of anorganization, some of which have have often been traditionally quite separate. Your capability to engagerelies on how well these parts can collaborate for a this multi-channelbrand experience.

Reviewing their work to-date and opening up the conversation Scott and Ian are holding a series of 3 live webinars (same material, different timezones) this week. The event title is Demystifying Web Engagement Management: Why it’s Crucial to Your Business and How You Can Master It.

You can can sign-up for your most convenient timezone:

  • North America -- Wednesday November 3rd at 2pm Eastern (Register here)
  • Europe -- Thursday November 4 at 15:00 CET (Register here)
  • Asia Pacific -- Thursday November 4 at 10:00am AEST (Register here)