For the past month, we have repeatedly emphasized the impact that mobile will have on the enterprise in 2011. But knowing mobile is important and doing something about it are often two completely different things.

Research has indicated that mobile devices are quickly surpassing wired technology, while the smartphone marketplace jostles for positioning in a 4G world. In the meantime, the enterprise struggles to keep up with a rapidly changing work-scape.

From an expanding mobile workforce, to increased access and affordability of mobile technologies, to a heightened awareness of the empowered employee, companies know that there are many ways they can invest to improve productivity, cut costs and cultivate innovation. Yet, some seem to be paralyzed with indecision or afraid of the technological unknown.

There are many ways to influence decision makers to adopt a mobile strategy and everyone who's been there usually has a story to tell and some great advice to pass on.

So we ask you to share your best advice:

What advice would you give to others who are not yet convinced to invest in the mobile enterprise?

Please share your ideas, thoughts and advice in the comments and let's have an open conversation on the advantages and challenges of adopting mobile strategies.