Whether you are an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, a developer or a social media start up, chances are that you’ve become more involved in building local applications and sites that focus on serving local needs. After all, investing in your local community can reap big rewards.

Though community interest abounds, most don’t always have the marketing and sales experience to secure local deals and discounts. Enter Adility.

Hyperlocal Consumerism

Recently the hyperlocal online distribution hub for prepaid card products and coupons from local small and medium-sized businesses, launched Dealwerk.

Designed as a hyperlocal deal content and technology platform for publishers and developers, Dealwerk provides two major tools for publishers and developers: Daily Deal’r and DealFluid.

Each service aims to provide backend access and tools that can help publishers and developers alike manage deals, subscribers, customers while building innovative applications around local SMB deal content.

Fixing the Global Economy on a Hyperlocal Scale

In a world of Groupons, Living Social and Foursquare, not to mention a slowed economy, consumers have been trained to look for the best bargain. Not only do discounts help consumers, deals that feature local businesses help the economy.

Adility is confident that combining tools that inspire developer innovation with access to local deal content from small and medium size businesses will create a framework that gives consumers the power to share and consume locally, while giving developers the incentive to build more location relevant applications.

Small local businesses can revitalize local communities, yet are often overlooked because better deals can be found using bigger, more established chains. To help keep small businesses thriving, Adility and services like it are providing consumer incentives that help to enhance the presence of local businesses. Whether it’s coupons or gift cards, distributing hyperlocal content helps to monetize location and services.