A New Model Aims to Reinvent Web Publishing

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Advancing Digital Storytelling with StoryRiver Media

When we last spoke with Jim Gaines, we talked about the future of digital publishing. Recently we had the opportunity to catch up with Gaines again. This time, he had a story to tell.

Traveling Down StoryRiver

Gaines has left FLYP Media, where he was the editor-in-chief, to take on a new adventure.He is the driving force behind StoryRiver Media, a company with a transformational web publishing model that aims to combine all possible media -- including video, audio, information graphics, motion graphics, animation and text -- into a single, seamless experience.

By creating device- and platform-agnostic multimedia content across all publishing genres, StoryRiver, which is slated to launch in April, hopes to advance the art of digital storytelling. Integrating media to create a dynamic and collaborative web-based masterpiece can benefit all types of organizations as they look to make their stories come alive online.

From higher education to government agencies to corporations, stories are at the root of their client communications, whether they know it or not.By being able to provide a cinematic look and feel, or a soundtrack designed to add perspective, Gaines is confident that he can help businesses seduce users through a digital narrative.

Learning Opportunities

Reinventing Publishing, Just Not How You Think

However, don’t look to Gaines or StoryRiver to offer itself as the solution to online newspapers, as he maintains that the concept was born separately of his previous journalistic endeavors.

Yet, he is inspired by the ways that the Apple iPad and other tablets will help to transform the way stories are told online.In a word of one-dimensional adventures, the ability deploy the media necessary in one place, at the same time online is a giant leap forward for digital publishing.

Gaines is ready to challenge the current state of online media. By resurrecting print publications and re-imagining the ways storytelling can enhance the user experience, StoryRiver Media is ready to reinvent publishing for the broadband world.