Alfresco Quark Publishing System Integration ECM
Quark Publishing System 8 and Alfresco Enterprise 2 are working together towards bringing web-based storage and collaboration to Quark assets. This brings the world of content management to Quark Publishing System, and they made a smart decision by choosing the open source ECM provider Alfresco.Quark made good use of an adapter for Alfresco Enterprise 2 that allows users to store assets while viewing and updating the contents in real time. All this is accomplished directly through Quark Publishing System -- without the need to visit a web browser or utilize other tools. It is all hooked up and ready to go.

Alfresco Adaptation Brings Functionality

The integration between the Alfresco Enterprise 2 and Quark Publishing System will include the following features: * Web Hub support for East Asian Languages * Native support for Adobe Illustrator formats * UI support for 13 languages -- including spell checking and hyphenation * Real-time viewing and updating of contents The integration will allow improved asset management with the Quark Publishing System Connect Client, and that in itself will bring improved functionality as well: * Multi-page preview * Multiple asset check-in * Metadata tagging * Custom groupings * Full text search functionality

It's Finally Completed

Work began on this integration in the beginning of this year. The purpose of the integration was to create more efficient workflows that integrate dynamic publishing and content management throughout the content life-cycle. It is also believed that this type of partnership is what the market needs to improve itself. Quark also wanted to expand itself towards the open source world: "We look forward to providing professional and corporate publishers with easy-to-deploy workflow and production solutions based on open standards," said Linda Chase, GM of Quark Publishing System. Alfresco was the solution that Quark went for, and they seem pleased with how things are coming to be. It is interesting to see how content management and ECM is making such an influence on products that it didn't necessarily have only a few years ago. Today, content production applications are rapidly being shipped with content management in mind, and the Quark Publishing System is a great example of that. It just goes to show how important content management is becoming, and how much more important it will be in the future. Alfresco has been busy lately with its recent integration with Adobe's and bundling into Ubuntu Linux. Don't be shocked if Alfresco is integrated into something else -- if and when they do, we will let the world know about it.