Amazon AWS Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 Microsoft Windows Server Support
Amazon has recently informed its AWS customers that Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) will allow users to run Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server later this fall. For those who take advantage of those two Microsoft products, this is surely news to get excited about.

Amazon EC2 to Support Windows

Amazon EC2 has been primarily running on Unix-based operating systems, and Unix/Linux is the platform of choice for many people. However, the company knows that there are other platforms out there. Windows Server and SQL Server is Amazon's next target. Windows Server will soon be integrated into AWS. Users will be able to create an instance of an operating system and run it on the cloud. Considering the amount of tools that Windows users have in its arsenal, it will likely be adopted at a rapid rate. In addition, the SQL Server will be integrated, and it can be used to run relational databases. It will be interesting to see if they take the extra steps with SQL Server as they have with the recent Oracle database integration. Amazon gave some examples of usage of the future Windows compatibility on their official blog: "You will be able to use Amazon EC2 to host highly scalable ASP.NET sites, high performance computing (HPC) clusters, media transcoders, SQL Server, and more. You can run Visual Studio (or another development environment) on your desktop and run the finished code in the Amazon cloud."

Entire System, Database and Model Interoperability

Amazon Web Services eventually wants to support every platform, but that takes some time to accomplish. It will surely be a slow start, but Amazon might actually pull this off -- especially considering all the upgrades Amazon's AWS service has been performing lately. The company stated that Windows was the next on the list due to the demand, but not before the company announced its new content delivery service. Users, your wishes are being granted. Those who want to know first when Windows hits the cloud should visit AWS' Windows Web site and sign up to be notified of the nearing release. Amazon has stated that the system will be released "broadly." Other than that, all we can tell is that the timetable for release is fall of this year. AWS just keeps on growing.