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A new survey suggests that most planned web marketing campaigns by US companies do not happen on time, and that vital information is not getting from the desktop to the website quickly enough.The survey, conducted by SDL Tridion, found 68 percent of web marketing campaigns fall victim to delays, and do not launch at the originally envisioned time. 59 percent of senior marketing managers polled agreed that the Web is "Critical" to their global branding and marketing strategy, yet many seem powerless to address the operational failures in their web marketing processes. Common reasons given for the delays include lengthy internal approval procedures, but more especially IT department backlogs and an insufficient Web CMS infrastructure. IT departments are clogged up with website maintenance tasks, which could easily be managed by marketing or communications people if an adequate Web Content Management System were in place. Three quarters of the sample polled update their websites daily or weekly, and when asked which department managed the company's website, a third responded that it fell squarely to the IT department to manage and maintain outward facing content. "As the Web picks up speed daily, there are internal forces at work that are slowing it down. This can have a huge impact on a company’s ability to compete globally and meet business goals," observed Erik Aevelts Averink of SDL Tridion. "These days, a customer who can’t find what they need, or who has a frustrating experience on your website, can easily go elsewhere. Clearly, some companies have realized that it’s time to look at their Web implementation resources and put the control back in the hands of the content owners."