Joomla Book review
Aspiring web designers, listen up! In case you didn't know, Joomla! is one of the premier open source content management systems for publishing content on the internet. And now there's a book that will teach you, the uninitiated, the glories of Joomla! content management. Beginning Joomla! , by Dan Rahmel guides the green reader through comprehensive, step-by-step methods of setting up and running a Joomla! website. Beginning Joomla! was written as a guide for nearly every aspect of the Joomla! system, starting with basic deployment and going up through writing your own extensions and search engine optimization. The book is substantial 496 pages divided into 13 chapters. Michael Testi's review at gives a brief low-down on each chapter. The book starts off with an "Introduction to Joomla!" chapter, which gives an overview of the system as well as its benefits and various features. Rahmel then offers a quickstart guide that supposedly allows one to set up a Joomla! site in 20 minutes. File extraction, installation modification, adding articles and changing graphics are covered in this part of the book. The next several chapters deal with more in-depth installation and configuration, adding content, administration ins and outs, and templates and extensions. The last section of the book deals with E-commerce (setting up virtual stores, etc.), Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization - very crucial stuff indeed. According to the reviewer, Beginning Joomla! is an easy read, concise and to the point. The step-by-step approach for all things Joomla! makes navigating through the sometimes complex and intimidating system a lot easier. Perhaps most importantly to the CMS n00b, Rahmel assumes no prior experience with the content management process. If you're looking to create a website with Joomla!, Beginning Joomla! would be a great way to get started.