BitGravity Content Delivery Network Advanced Progressive API Streaming Video
BitGravity, a provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, has announced the release of its new application programming interface (API) called Advanced Progressive. The new API will allow developers to integrate advertising, adjust bit-rates automatically, display virtual clips and add other functionality, which results in a scalable and interactive high-definition video solution.

Advanced Progressive API

With the Advanced Progressive API, BitGravity has plenty of new functionality that provides developers with much more control and features than ever before: * Enablement of automated bit-rate adjustment * Video seeking without downloading entire file * Scene selection ability * Start and stop points * Time-range requests * Synchronization with time coded videos * Bandwidth control All of these features are compatible with high definition FLV and -- recently added -- H.264 video. In addition, BitGravity has provided developers with a library of source code to make use of all these new features with the Advanced Progressive API. Barrett Lyon, CTO and co-founder of BitGravity explains why the API is so important for BitGravity's content delivery network: "From inception, our service was intended for interactive, fast-loading, HD content delivery across the mainstream Internet, and this new release of our Advanced Progressive API with H.264 support is another milestone in keeping with this original vision." With this new functionality created by the Advanced Progressive API, live high definition video is made more interactive and better suited for more viewers. For a demonstration of the new API in action, click here. For more information about BitGravity, check out their official web site.