CMS Watch,Map Content Technology Updated for 2009
CMS Watch studies the content management industry very closely. It's their job. They write a number of good research reports on technologies like web content management, enterprise content management, social software and SharePoint. Every so often they take all that knowledge and wrap it up into a neat little subway map, giving us a bird's eye view of who's who and where they fit in the industry. 

An updated version of that Subway map has been released and it is certainly worth taking a look at -- if not using some of that color printer ink you hold so dear.

Content Technologies Vendor Map

Do you have trouble trying to figure out what vendors offer the solution you are trying to look for? It is getting harder to know who does what as the lines between content management, social software and analytics start to blur.

The Content Technologies Vendor Map is designed to help you understand just that -- who does what. It lists 100 vendors or "station" who deal in eight different technology lines. Those eight technology "lines" include:

  1. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  2. Web Content Management
  3. Social Software and Collaboration
  4. Enterprise Portal
  5. Search Information and Access
  6. Web Analytics
  7. XML and Component Management
  8. Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The Main Line and Its Spokes

When you look at the map, you see a main line that includes the major industry players -- Microsoft, EMC, Open Text, Oracle and IBM. From this main line spokes or sub-lines branch out to show us best-of-breed vendors in different areas.

This subway was first introduced in 2008 and looked slightly different than it does today. You see on the map the new Autonomy/Interwoven relationship. Also of note is that Vignette is still there - despite all the bad press in their path and Alfresco taking a much large role among the enterprise level vendors.

A Different Look at the Industry

It's an interesting way to look at the industry players, if not a sometimes confusing one.

We leave the final word to CMS Watch founder, Tony Byrne:

"The most important characteristic of the technologies we cover is the sheer diversity of vendors, particularly when you account for regional differences" explained CMS Watch founder, Tony Byrne. "This map helps enterprise customers understand what the major players actually do - and perhaps more importantly - what they don't do."

Go get your copy of the Vendor Map and enjoy.