Demandbase Professional Connects Publishers and Advertisers

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Demandbase Upgrades Analytics, Zeroes in on B2B Traffic
Advertisers are always looking for a better way to target business buyers and now they can thank Demandbase. The goal is to give publishers a new tool with which they can promote their businesses while helping advertisers improve the quality and relevancy of their web site traffic from their online advertisements.

Connecting the Clicks

In these tough economic times, marketers are driven to turn online audiences into real sales leads. Demandbase Professional works to better engage publishers with target audiences and deliver better, relevant advertisements. The hope is that customers who feel catered to will be more compelled to spend.

While publishers may be inclined to use Demandbase Professional to connect with audiences, advertisers will be likely to use it to make connections between ‘clicks’ and the actual companies, industries, and market sectors engaging with their ads, so that traditional display ads can deliver actionable sales leads.

Demandbase Professional is not just about improving quality and access of online advertising, it also caters to publishers who need to develop stronger audiences so that they can effectively build segments most valuable to advertisers. (Okay, so maybe it is all about online advertising…)

Learning Opportunities

Finding the Right Audience

By identifying 95% of previously anonymous traffic visiting publishers’ web properties by dimensions including industry, company size and market sector, publishers can drive the “right” new subscribers to their online publications, webinars and newsletters.

But even publishers need to be concerned about online advertising. The technology behind Demandbase Professional also enables publishers to improve their own sales efforts by notifying the appropriate people when an existing or potential advertiser has become engaged online and demonstrated interest in content such as media kits or event sponsorships.

There’s no time like the present for publishers to improve target audiences and boost online advertising. The industry isn’t likely to fix itself anytime soon, so Demandbase gives you tools you need.