ecirkit,social media webtop
eCirkit, the newest social media webtop to hit the market, has officially gone live. describes the technology as "a new take on social browsing". With this announcement also came the announcement of it's newest application, "The Social Penetrator", a way to make your social media and data portable. eCirkit is a WebTop. Don't know what a WebTop is? Well it's using a web browser as your desktop interface. eCirkit implements a portal-based service combined with social networking facilities. It's is a free service that has a number of features including: * Social networking * Email * Instant Messaging * Comments & Forums Log in and view your community page which has a summary of your login details: * Last eCirkit pages visited * Contact List * Media collected * Portfolio (your bio, blogroll, RSS feeds, etc) * Vault (200MB of file storage for whatever you want) * Collection of items you have for sale The newest application to be featured within eCirkit is "The Social Penetrator". It enables you to populate your eCirkit profile with information from your profile on all your other social networking sites. You don't have to manually create your profile, just tell The Social Penetrator to go to your Facebook, Flickr, YouTube or eBay account and cull your profile data. The Penetrator will mirror the data with eCirkit and add it to your eCirkit Profile. Does this sound a little familiar? Didn't Robert Scoble just get his hands slapped for doing something similar with Plaxo and Facebook? Is this the kind of thing the Data Portability org encourages? eCirkit is supposed to fulfill the promise of a true windowed desktop-like Internet environment that will "enable all of your online activity to be organized and customized from a single, personalized homepage". Web 2.0 at it's full potential. If you are intrigued, watch a video all about it. Maybe you just want to get straight to the details.