Ecordia Offers Predictive Content App for Writers
This one is dedicated to all the copywriters, journalists and SEO practitioners out there.

Ecordia (formerly known as Lead Maverick) has just offered up a new application designed for predictive content analysis. The tool provides writers with SEO verification capabilities prior to publishing on search engines.


Ecordia is a content optimization platform company founded on four core values: honesty, passion, innovation, and freedom. Aw.

Their optimization suite enables enterprise businesses, interactive agencies, and marketers to create, distribute, and publish content for organic search engine rankings. Though they’ve only been public since 2007, Ecordia is currently used by more than 36 certified partner agencies representing more than 254 companies worldwide.

Optimize Yo’ Content

The new Ecordia Content Optimizer wants to make sure you put your best foot forward from the very start. The tool provides automated intelligence and recommendations for making the best of your content prior to publishing, among other perks:

  • Advanced keyword research during authoring
  • Detailed scoring of your content based on 15 proven SEO techniques
  • Automated recommendations on how you can improve your content for search engines
  • Intelligent keyword extraction that compares your content to popular search terms
  • Sophisticated Keyword Analysis that scores your keyword usage based on 5 statistical formulas
  • Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices Guide

"This new technology represents a tremendous improvement in the way writers create their content for publishing within search engines," says Sean Jackson, CEO of Ecordia. "For the first time, writers have a comprehensive view of how search engines will index their content – with recommendations and analysis that do not require the writer to alter their style of writing."

Best suited for web publishers, the Ecordia Content Optimizer is available for a free 5 day trial. Beyond that, you can get yourself a monthly license for US$ 19.95 per month.