Equilibrium Releases New Version of Media Server
As a provider of enterprise automated media production and delivery solutions, Equilibrium should be very familiar with integrating their MediaRich Media Server with portals and content management systems. Their latest version of MediaRich -- version 3.8.6 -- has added some new features that will help many companies provide richer Web 2.0 experiences.The MediaRich Media Server enables the processing of images, sound and video assets for multi-channel delivery. This includes delivery to websites, wireless and other devices. Companies can create and edit graphics, video and audio either manually or through an automated interface.

The New Features of MediaRich v3.8.6

There are a number of new features with the latest version of MediaRich, including:* Optional audio/video module now supports HD and Broadcast formats such as MXG, MPEG2 and MPEG2 Transport Stream* Hot- folder support using MediaRich's own media scripting language -- based on ECMA* A new Sonic Flash Zoom with Multi-Page/Frame zoom support (for PDF, EPS, PS, AI file types) - this means you don't have to download the file but can view in browser from a Flash interface* A new Admin Tool that includes batch job monitoring, error log, remote administration and more* Now supports OS X (Leopard and Tiger), Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 and Linux -- for image processing only

Integration with DAM and CMS Solutions

Equilibrium claims to power some of the largest B2B portals and websites in the world. Their client list includes some top notch websites including a large number of media companies like The New York Times, ABC, CBS, Walt Disney and Playboy. In addition they have a customer base in retail, publishing, financial, government and just about every industry you can think of.They also integrate with any DAM -- like the NetXposure Digital Asset Management System-- or CMS product. In fact, they have a special version of the MediaRich Media Server just for SharePoint 2007. Equilibrium also has technology partnerships with Vignette, Interwoven, IBM, Oracle and SDL International -- although it isn't clear if the MediaRich Media Server is integrated with these CMS solutions.If you are a SharePoint user and need a media server, MediaRich appears to be a solution that is tightly integrated. To find out more about the product itself and read some success stories, visit their site.