Vignette Gets into Video
Enterprise Content Management provider Vignette has announced new video products designed to help organizations deliver an immersive and video-centric Web experience. The products, Vignette Video services and the latest incarnation of Vignette's Rich Media Services, let organizations streamline video management and put it center stage in their overall Web strategy. These additions should lead to increased viewer time spent on site, improved customer engagement and more revenue using video as a significant source of site content.

Vignette Rich Media Services and Video Services

Vignette Rich Media Services has been updated to include a video module that integrates with Vignette Content Management, letting organizations manage the workflow and publishing of video and all other Web content from one interface -- a major convenience factor for sites that lean heavily on video content to engage visitors to get their message out. Vignette Rich Media Services include enhanced features specific to the management of images, podcasts, Adobe Flash files and video metadata. This makes it easier for editors who work with rich media to streamline the management of libraries, approval, metadata tagging and publishing of these assets. Vignette Video Services is a hosted video management solution that provides capabilities to upload, transcode, manage and deliver video. Both Vignette Rich Media Services and Vignette Video Services utilize the same core video processing platform and include a media player that lets users tag and share any segment of a video, similar to Viddler. The Flash-based player, of course, can be embedded on any site, making it like a more advanced YouTube player. Vignette is also working on a cool feature that will provide Web publishers with a "heat map" that identifies the most watched parts of a video. “Vignette Video Services delivers an easy to use interface that expands our content offerings and exposes our print and online brands to new consumers,” said Tim Bradbury, president of American City Business Journals (ACBJ) New Media. “We can now link relevant news items, company profiles and industry topics to any video. Having the opportunity for our traditional news content to be automatically coupled with our growing array of video content provides an engaging experience for our users.”

Integration with Vignette Content Management

By integrating video into Vignette Content Management, video assets can now use the same authorization and security model, share advanced metadata and participate in the same workflow and publishing model as any other Web content. These products also give Vignette a number of market differentiators including unique insight and analysis into user viewing patterns and video segment tagging and sharing. This increased flexibility and integration could very well be the future of rich media CMS.

Video is a Requirement for Websites Today

According to a Yankee Group study, viewers watched around 2.5 hours of online video per month in 2007, a 56 percent increase from 2006, and a number that is sure to increase in 2008. “Video is no longer a nice to have component to a Web site but a must have for organizations that want to increase traffic and connect with their constituents through engaging content,” said Dave Dutch, senior vice president of products and marketing at Vignette. “Vignette’s video products deliver these capabilities on top of a scalable and reliable enterprise-class Web experience platform.” Vignette's new and improved services come on the heels of Vignette's April acquisition of fledgling video sharing site Vidavee. They had planned on integrating Vidavee's technology "as soon as possible", so this may very likely be the outcome. Visit Vignette for more info.