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Video sharing site Vidavee, most famously known for working on video integration with The Huffington Post, has been acquired by enterprise CMS provider Vignette. This move comes after a large demand by Vignette's customers to provide rich media integration. The announcement also comes fresh off the heels of Vignette's announcement of their Web Experience Platform. Our biggest question for Vignette was how they planned to integrate Vidavee into their product line.Lee Shepstone, Program Executive, told CMSWire they "will include the video ingest, transcoding, effects and library management capabilities from Vidavee's technology."into Vignette's Web Experience Platform, or VWEP. In addition Vidavee will also be integrated into the recently announced Community Applications. Vignette customers using using the Digital Services Hub solution will be able to add video sharing capabilities to their site, as well as easier integration of advertising.Finally, Vignette also plans on integrating Vidavee's video player into Vignette's presentation programs, which will allow their customers to easily embed video onto their website. An interesting aspect of this move is that Vidavee employs a Saas Model, which is unusual for Vignette. We were curious if this indicated a change in direction for the company and asked Sharpstone about this. He said, "Vignette will continue to have a significant portion of its portfolio based around enterprise on-premise software", but that the company felt that it made more sense to deploy Vidavee as SaaS due to rapid deployment times. It also allows for Vignette to show videos in Ajax and Flash, similar to YouTube. It's worth noting that Vignette has recently released two other SaaS offerings, Vignette Recommendations, and Vignette Analytics. NYC based Vidavee has been around since 2006. Their website currently only offers the press release of this recent purchase by Vignette. The most curious aspect of this is that while they were purchased for 6.6 million, they initially raised 8 million dollars in funding. Aside from their work for the Huffington Post, Vidavee hasn't done any other high profile work. This move likely saved Vidavee from the fate of many a doomed startup. Vignette plans to integrate Vidavee's technology, "as soon as possible".