Ergo new search engine
There's a new search engine in beta town and it's out to beat the competition for the most useful search engine. Brought to you by Invu, an information and document management company out of Northampton, Ergo is destined to make more than a few heads turn.Ergo is a next generation search and social networking tool. It is designed to search across the desktop and web and provide search results in a visually intuitive manner. With it's patent pending, Ergo addresses the following limitations: Understanding and Organizing Search Results You can search desktop files, Internet search engines, RSS Web feed formats used to publish blogs, new headlines and podcasts, and web sites. The results are displayed in meaningful groupings called "Intelligroups" or themes. Intelligroups support multiple languages including English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. And she's fast. Testing has shown that on an average desktop "Ergo can intelligently group 100 search results in less than 0.03 seconds and 400 results in 0.13 seconds". Better ways to Visualize Complex Information Ergo uses innovative methods to provide a visually dynamic view of search results. You can move Intelligroups of documents around the screen, organizing and displaying them as you deem appropriate (display only relevant groups). When you select a group to zone in on, Ergo's ThumbFlow document carousel viewer generates "three-dimensional thumb nails of the documents or web pages within the clustered collection of files, delivering a stunning and intuitive interface to users". Tree Maps and spheres are other ways of displaying search results. You can use the Ergo View to view the contents of any document without opening the target application. Connecting and Collaborating through Search For those with touch screen technology, Ergo provides some cool features. You can navigate and interact with the search results using a finger, thumb or stylus. Even nicer, you can annotate documents, web pages, emails and other results via pen, text and speech. Once you do this, you can share these documents with other Ergo users. Additional functionality includes tracking changes, tracking the progress of collaborative tasks, and the ability to store collaborative documents online at the Ergo collaboration network. “We believe that Ergo will set a new standard for the industry by providing search users with a more natural, intuitive and intelligent method for getting the information they want,” said Justin Staines VP Alliances for Ergo. Pricing and Requirements Probably one of it's biggest downfalls is that it requires the infamous Microsoft Vista operating system. But a product like this should be able to rise above it's platform. Currently in beta, Ergo is expected to be generally available this month. It retails for $249 per licensed copy. Download the beta and give her a run using Invu's Getting Started Guide. Let us know how cool she really is.