Well kids, the title pretty much says it all: MiaCMS is done. Kaput. Finito. No more.

The final announcement of the platform's end of days came along with the last minor release, version 4.9, which will reportedly be maintained with major bug fixes and/or security patches for the foreseeable future.

MiaCMS is a fork of Mambo, which, the MiaCMS team admits, "is quite old at this point." It looks like MiaCMS has served its purpose of keeping the ancient platform alive well past what was expected of it, but now their number is finally up.

"We will focus all our development efforts from this point forward on the newly combined MiaCMS/Aliro project," wrote MiaCMS core developer Chad Auld on the team's blog page. The project aims to be a new, best of breed, next generation CMS.

"Building on top of Aliro will allow us to better serve the community and put out a CMS that is even more impressive, efficient, secure, and flexible than the one you currently enjoy," sang the development team.

Well, we're certainly always up for new players. For up to date news on what you can expect from the emerging platform, point your browser here.