gridiron flow digital cms
GridIron Software, a provider of workflow software for creative professionals, announces a new product called GridIron Flow. Flow is a digital content management system designed for creative types who work on graphic design, web and video projects. Flow gives creative professionals a way to visualize their design process from concept to end result and easily share their work with colleagues and clients. It also manages assets and applications for even the most complex workflows.
It tracks workflow by recording all actions in a project like Import/Export, Save/Save As and Copy/Paste. It understands file formats for almost all creative professional applications. Flow builds a workflow map for every project. This map shows how all files are related to each other and all related application project files, media assets and internal structures. Some of the features of Flow include the following: * Project Archives - captures a point in time snapshot of a project and everything that went into its creation * Workflow Calendar - displays information on projects * Visual Version - tracks version of media files and metadata * Tags and Annotations - tags and sticky-note annotations to assets or projects * SDK - provides the ability to create custom extensions and add new functionality to environment. There's a version of Flow for both the PC and the Mac, opening the doors to a number of creative professionals who work in both environments. To honest, even though I am not a designer, catching a glimpse of this software makes me want to become one... It's scheduled to be released the summer of 2008. You can register to be a part of the beta program this spring or just to get more information on the product as it becomes available. It's also being demoed at the MacWorld Conference and Expo - so if you are there....find GridIron and get a closer look!