BigMedium content management for designers
Leave it to the Parisians to build and market a CMS tool for designers. The Paris-based company Global Moxie and its Chief Scientist, Josh Clark (okay, so he's an American in Paris…) announced the release of Big Medium 2, a web content management system aimed squarely at web designers. Why? Because designers are awesome, that's why!Big Medium 2 boasts all kinds of features that you expect of any CMS, like version control, workflow, search engine, content syndication, granular editing privileges and Unicode support. But it also offers a lot of accessories like Pullquotes, image galleries, podcasts, scheduled publication, visitor comments, a WYSIWYG CSS style editor and other goodies that will allow creatives to design without worry that the CMS will screw it up. Designers often have to design within the constraints of their CMS, a tool handily chosen by the tech geeks. Instead, Big Medium 2 lets the designer configure the template and then pass the site over to the content editors. No technical know-how is required - they assure that it can handle basic to intermediate HTML/CSS and "can manage just about any design you throw at it." Big Medium is available for a modest price of $185 (US) per server installation and each install can manage an unlimited number of sites and user accounts with no extra fees. With web designers writing more copy than copy editors these days, designers should have a say in which CMS they use. So try it free for 30 days and let your tech team - and us - know what you think!