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  • Monotype Imaging Makes Thousands of Fonts Available

    This week, Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., one of the leading text imaging solution providers announced the availability of Web Fonts. Serving as Monotype’s cloud-based solution, provides thousands of high-quality fonts for web designers. WOFF 1.0 Makes Fonts More Enjoyable Thanks to last month’s meeting between the W3C and Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) about the

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  • An Alternative to Adobe for Graphic Design Solutions

    Most designers face budgetary challenges as often as they face creative ones. At times like these, designers take notice of software that helps enhance design while saving money. For new start up shops that can't fork over the bucks that Adobe requires for licenses like Photoshop and Illustrator, or for

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  • Dreamweaver CS4 Beta: A Review

    Betas are always a joy. They give you the opportunity to review new and upcoming products prior to actual release. You get the opportunity to see what new features are available and help work out bugs in programs to ensure proper functioning when they are actually released.

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  • HOW Design: Print Designers Learn about the Web

    For all the grief that we give those in the print industry, I appreciate it when special efforts are made to spread awareness to help them (and others) to learn new techniques that make their work on the Web more effective. Such efforts are in abundance at the HOW Design Conference. Common Mistakes Print Designers Make on the Web was

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  • Big Medium CMS Targets Designers

    Leave it to the Parisians to build and market a CMS tool for designers. The Paris-based company Global Moxie and its Chief Scientist, Josh Clark (okay, so he's an American in Paris…) announced the release of Big Medium 2, a web content management system aimed squarely at web designers.

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