Poll: Web Designers Out-Write Copywriters 2-to-1

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Website owners write the vast majority of copy on the Web, and designers out-write copywriters two-to-one, according to a recent online poll conducted by Webcopyplus.A total of 215 website owners were asked: Who typically writes your web copy?The results follow:# I do it myself 74.9% (161)# Web designer 12.1% (26)# Staff 7% (15)# Copywriter 6% (13)More than 74 per cent of business owners choose to do their own web writing, which is generally due to two scenarios: “I don’t want to spend the money” and “no one knows my businesses like I do.”The problem with writing your own web copy is it’s difficult to be objective about your own business, services and products. That’s why the Web is filled with company-centric, long-winded and subjective web copy that often lacks credibility and proves to be ineffective. A fresh third-party perspective can clarify and effectively convey a business’ unique selling points and communicate what audiences need to hear -- versus what owners want to say.Designers get tasked with the duty 12 per cent of the time, largely because there are not adequate budgets to hire professional copywriters. This is concerning when you consider many designers look at web copy as a nuisance that gets in the way of beautiful designs. That’s why tiny, gray hard-to-read fonts are prevalent on the Web. Company staff is delegated web writing assignments seven per cent of the time. More often than not, these seem to land on the laps of already inundated marketing coordinators who get tossed tasks no one else wants.Finally, copywriters get hired for six per cent of web writing projects. This number will likely increase as companies shift marketing budgets from traditional media to the Web. In addition to seeking online presence through search engine optimization, businesses are beginning to take other Web-related elements seriously – such as style, readability, information architecture and usability -- to provide customers positive online experiences.Meanwhile, companies that maintain sub-standard web content risk frustrating and alienating Internet users. Regardless who writes your web copy, that’s bad for business.

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Rick Sloboda, Senior Web Copywriter at Webcopyplus, has been writing for websites since 2001 for some of the world’s largest service providers (Cingular, Scotia Bank, etc.). He speaks frequently at Web-related forums and seminars.