Adobe adds SDL AuthorAssistant to Framemaker 9

With the world becoming more connected, global authoring and publishing will need to be addressed by nearly all technical communications personnel. But with global authoring and publishing come translation hurdles as well as working to maintain consistency with global publications to streamline the translation process. These can mean both added time and cost for businesses.

Adobe and SDL have teamed up to offer SDL AuthorAssistant as part of Adobe FrameMaker 9 that comes with the Technical Communications Suite 2 in an effort to provide better quality and translatability for global technical publications. SDL is a provider of global information management solutions. Adobe FrameMaker 9 is technical authoring and publishing software.

SDL’s AuthorAssistant is part of their Global Authoring Management System and is being offered to Adobe Tech Comm Suite 2 users for free. The addition to FrameMaker 9 sits within the authoring environment and allows for authors to ensure there are a limited amount of linguistics issues or inconsistencies that would end in higher translation costs for global publishing.

Benefits of SDL AuthorAssistant Client

The benefits of this addition are seen at nearly every level of technical communications authoring and publishing.

  • Enterprise Level Global Authoring: A central access location allows for consistency with multiple users.
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Terminology and translation memory is applied earlier so less time is spent working on consistency thereby increasing both productivity and efficiency with global authoring.
  • Time and Cost Reductions: Content becomes more suitable for automated translation which, combined with the increased productivity, reduces the time and cost involved in global authoring.

Combine these benefits with an already powerful authoring platform that offers DITA support, SDL Tridion Web CMS integration and much more and Adobe has created an authoring and publishing setup for today’s businesses.

The addition of SDL AuthorAssistant as part of FrameMaker 9 goes to show that Adobe is still charging forward in an effort to claim the media creation world for them. Look for Adobe to continue adding additional functionalities to their current products through added partnerships in the future.

Download SDL AuthorAssistant for Adobe FrameMaker 9 here.