Free Self-Publishing Platform Gives the Power to be Creative

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Free Self-Publishing Platform Gives the Power to be Creative
No one can accuse Johannes Bhakdi, CEO of Klatcher.com of standing idly by while the web publishing industry tries to fix itself. No, Mr. Bhakdi is taking matters into his own hands by putting the power to publish in the hands of his users.

Klatcher.com has launched v2.0 of their site, which allows authors to self-publish anything online from words to a rich media publication and start selling their best content.

Allowing Creativity to Flow

By providing authors with a range of automated business technologies that help to gain and retain readers, get community feedback during the creative process and speed up the production of rich media content, Klatcher hopes to make it possible for "every creative mind to make a living from publishing."

A lofty goal by any stretch of the imagination, but one that you can't really fault because of the innovation and passion fueling the endeavor. Bhadki and his team of 8 are committed to offering a flexible business model that allows users to focus more on marketing and design.

The model lets users experiment how and where value is generated and flex their entrepreneurial muscles by trying new marketing strategies and customizing their presence on the site.

Learning Opportunities

A Stimulus Program

As well, the site offers its own version of a stimulus program for the creative economy.Upon registering at Klatcher.com,each new user receives 10 Welcome Credits ($1) that can be spent on their favorite author’s channel. All revenue generated is divided 80/20, with Klatcher receiving the latter.

A User Generated Business Model is the Future

Having launched in August 2008, Klatcher.com has 1200 users who have been actively adding and selling content. Users can integrate with Facebook to alert friends when new material is added.

Bhakdi aims to make Klatcher a tool that combines marketing and CMS and eventually evolves into a user-generated business model. He believes that such a model is the future of web publishing, which will not only force news media to become more transparent, but that will "focus on the potential of the creative, human mind".

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