Those of you who love technology have probably heard of a web site called Techmeme. Well, say "bye" to Techmeme and say "hello" to the revamped Google Blog Search. Google Blog Search has been long overdue for an upgrade, and now, when visiting Google Blog Search, users will be presented with some of the hottest content around the blogosphere in a number of categories. Being on the front page of Digg suddenly seems less impressive.

What's New in Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search is a tool that users of Google Search can switch over to for focusing on, you guessed it, blogs. While we here at CMSWire are quite fond of the Google News Search tool, Google Blog Search has its audience as well. The new Google Blog Search allows users to focus in on categories like politics, business, technology, entertainment and sports. These categories are the primary content aggregators that are displayed. So, if a blog doesn't fit any of those categories, it is probably out of luck. However, this is only for the front page aggregation, so don't worry too much about it. The front page displays a featured story from a blog, and it also lists other blogs that have covered the same content. Google Blog Search lists three other relevant blog postings below, and then also allows users to see all related blog posts in a section to the left of the story, which also displays a thumbnail of a picture if available.
Google Blog Search vs News Search

A Similar, Yet Different Experience

Recasting Blog Search as News?

It is thought that Google Blog Search has just taken some bits and pieces from its News-focused friend to create an automated content aggregator that finds the hot topics in the blogosphere -- almost exactly like how Google News Search operates. If it was true that all Google did was port over Google News functionality, it wouldn't seem like much of an achievement, but one must wonder how exactly Google determines what is worthy of being placed on the front page. Is it by the amount of inbound links an article receives? Does the amount of hits from Google play a part? Does it place any emphasis (as Techmeme does) on a particular set of blogs? It isn't really clear at this point, and we may never truly know. Okay, so maybe Techmeme isn't doomed to failure quite yet. Google's latest efforts are certainly welcome. We feel bad for any servers that have to deal with all that traffic though. Regardless, it will be fun to view Google Blog Search on an Android device.