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IllumineX, Inc., a developer of mobile software for the iPhone, has recently released a new blogging application for the iPhone called iBlogger. Compatible with the most popular blog engines, iBlogger might be worth the cost to blog on the move, considering that mobile blogging is constantly growing in popularity.

Mobile Blogging on iBlogger

Taking pictures, adding text, tagging, categorizing and geotagging on various blogging systems like Drupal, ExpressionEngine, TypePad, Movable Type and WordPress from an iPhone or iPod Touch is made a little bit easier with iBlogger. Based off ecto, one of the most well-known blogging applications for Mac computers, iBlogger attempts to make blogging simple and functional: "We didn't want to simply build a blogging application for iPhone, we wanted to build the best blogging application for iPhone. ecto... is the heart of iBlogger, and it purrs like a V8 motor," stated illumineX CEO Gary W. Longsine.

iBlogger Features

The iBlogger application attempts to make iPhone blogging as easy and efficient as possible with the following features: * Fast, east configuration with Real Simple Discovery for blogs * Easy posting of thoughts * Ability to post pictures from the pictures library or with the built-in camera * Automatic save of the post in progress, in case someone calls * Built-in categorizing and tagging support * One-touch geotagging support with the GPS * Secure HTTPS connections
iBlogger Mobile iPhone Blogging Application

iBlogger post in progress

There are other features as well, but this should give potential users a pretty good idea of what can be accomplished with iBlogger. Most major blogging services should be able to use iBlogger. If the blogging system in question supports MetaWeblog or MovableType XML-RPC blogging APIs -- which many systems do -- it will be able to receive posts from iBlogger. And, yes, it does support WordPress.

iWant iBlogger

Any iPhone or iPod Touch user can purchase iBlogger for US$ 9.99 on the iTunes App Store. It certainly isn't the cheapest application on iTunes, but mobile bloggers might appreciate a blogging application based off ecto. More information about illumineX and iBlogger can be found on their respective sites. Search for iBlogger on the iTunes store, if interested in purchasing the application.