Klatcher Improves Web Publishing Platform, Offers eReader

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Klatcher Offers Updates, Visions for its Web Publishing Platform
In May we profiled the self-publishing site Klatcher, which allows authors to self-publish anything online from words to a rich media publication and start selling their best content.

Like most anything in the web-o-sphere, a lot can happen in six months and Klatcher is no exception. Johannes Bhakdi, CEO and a visionary of the web publishing world caught us up to date on where Klatcher has been and where it is going.

One Quantum Leap for Web Publishing

Let there be no mistake, Klatcher has big plans. Bhakdi says “Klatcher has the vision of creating a quantum leap in publishing effectiveness, and to finally enable every creative mind to make a living from publishing.”

At its core, Klatcher works to multiply the impact of content by dissecting it into the most effective size and create a publishing stream. Multiplying the reach per publishing event with a new social media marketing technology, it creates 25 or more viral seed points and then maximizes the revenue per content unit by adding additional revenue streams.

By automating the process, the Klatcher platform enables publishers to transform their existing assets into high value content streams that return more traffic, more revenue and offer vital cost efficiency.

Overtime Klatcher has improved their multiple reach technology (MRT) based on three different technology components:

  1. Optimization: content is optimized specifically for search engines, like Google and Bing so that they can be found more effectively.
  2. Exposure: Klatcher integrates more platforms across platforms, so that users don’t need separate accounts.
  3. Social Bookmarking: Klatcher aggregates the best links on the web based on a series of leading bookmarking and URL selecting pages and a newly developed recommendation engine.

Developing eReader Capabilities

In addition to MRT, Klatcher has also been developing another important technology component: the Klatcher web PDF processing platform and reader.

Learning Opportunities

Bhadki says that it will utilize the vast amounts of PDF files streaming throughthe Klatcher publishing and online growth system, delivering a new and improved way for readers to experience PDF's online. It allows publishers to place both ads and links to bookstores, in addition to premium content monetization options.

With the new Klatcher PDF web reader, browsers are converted into a new PDF experience with options for viewing full screen, full color and in a full-page design platform, all while positioning itself as a competitor in the popular e-reader market.

As the Web Turns 

With such focus on maximizing content and revenue for self-publishers, Klatcher is intent on making headway in an industry where many find themselves banging their heads against the wall.

Yet, only time will tell how the web publishing market will respond. Many different platforms are jockeying for position, from Google’s Fast Flip to Amazon’s Kindle to Klatcher -- the world of web publishing is full of options. Now it must wait for readers.