Gridiron Flow Digital Content Management
Doing their best impersonation of the Westminster Kennel Club, Macworld gives numerous independent software vendors the opportunity to compete for the coveted "Best of Show" award. And the 2008 winner is...Gridiron Flow Does the name ring a bell? It should, as Barb Mosher recently covered the initial announcement of Flow from Gridiron Software. The editors of Macworld decide the "Best of Show" awards based on innovation and buzz generation. According to Jonathan Seff, Senior News Editor for Macworld, Gridiron Flow differentiated itself through "its innovative approach to dealing with keeping track of digital assets". Does your company have a creative department that could benefit from a system like Gridiron Flow? If so, the bad news is that Gridiron Flow will not be available until this summer. But look at it this way, at least there is plenty of time for all the budget meetings required to get approval for the purchase. The good news is that when Gridiron Flow is finally available, it will run on Mac OS X (Tiger and Leopard) along with Windows Vista and XP. A little operating system agnosticism is always a good thing. For more information on Flow and all of Gridiron's product offerings, please visit the Gridiron Software website.