Manage Your SlideShare Presentations From PowerPoint

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What the Ribbon Can Do For You


Although SlideShare is not new, it has become a top site for creating beautiful flash video from PowerPoint presentations and has even been named number 20 in the Top 100 Tools list from Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Now they are making it even easier to create presentations and share them on the web…socially.

You have been able to share your PowerPoint presentation on the web now for awhile. But with the new SlideShare Ribbon, it’s even easier to get your presentations out there for the public to see.

This new plug-in is designed specifically for use with PowerPoint, which despite issues is still the most used presentation creation tool out there for digital slide presentations. The plug-in installs directly into PowerPoint.

What the Ribbon Can Do For You

The SlideShare Ribbon allows you to create, publish and manage all your SlideShare presentations right from within PowerPoint. Create your presentation, click publish, and it is automatically converted and published to your SlideShare account and the SlideShare database.

You also have the ability to edit existing published presentations and republish them to have the changes made instantly to the presentation.

SlideShare Ribbon for PowerPoint

Learning Opportunities

Remixing Other Presentations

If you are having difficulty creating your presentation, SlideShare offers a database of published presentations that you can download, edit and make your own. This is where the social aspect comes in.

So not only can you create, publish and share your presentations, other people can remix and redistribute your presentations for themselves. This is similar to the way that SproutMixer allows the public to remix and redistribute widgets from specific campaigns.


Making Web Presentations Easier

The SlideShare Ribbon and the recent changes SlideShare has made make all of this an easier step when it comes to presentations on the web. Now your product releases, company news, product tutorials, etc. can be done without the need of high-tech video equipment and can be shared around the web with ease. Plus instant edits make it easy to fix that little misspelling.

This is the first time that the public can go in, share, remix, redistribute, borrow and publish presentations. With the public pushing for more and more social activeness on the web, expect to see much and more of these types of services and additions to existing services cropping up regularly.