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As you may remember, Windows Azure got some serious play late last year when Open Text announced their records management and archiving capabilities designed specifically for the cloud-based operating system.

Continuing on the path to clear (cloudy) skies, and perhaps in order to attract even more big names from the enterprise content management world, Microsoft recently announced some upgrades to the platform.

Revealed alongside Silverlight 3 beta at the MIX09 conference, Azure’s new capabilities include non-.NET language support via FastCGI, and geolocation. The new features are aimed directly at the hearts of developers who dream of being able to host data and code across more than one US-based center.

Gartner predicted cloud computing to be one of the top 10 strategic technologies for 2009, and so far it looks like they were right. Besides appealing to developers, the Cloud route means customers too can store data in multiple locations without IT involvement, and for significantly less money. And as much as we’d hate to see ECM trampled into oblivion, we must admit that benefits like that are hard to beat.

Follow Open Text’s continued efforts to stay afloat here, or check out more details on Azure here.