Insight Research says Mobile CMS on the Rise
A new research report has come out that says mobile content management spending is expected to top US$ 8 billion by the end of 2008. The study takes a close look at the technology and market forces that are required to bring music, video and other content to the mobile device. Now there's a market to start looking at getting into. According to The INSIGHT Research Corporation's market analysis study, Content Management for Wireless Networks, 2008-2013, most CMS systems today focus on delivering content to specific device types and are not really built to provide truly reusable content for multichannel delivery. It is expected that this will change over the next 5 years and we will see more content management systems emerge that provide fully integrated multi-channel solutions for mobile devices of all kinds. Robert Rosenberg, INSIGHT Research president says. "What is truly needed, however, and what we expect to see emerge over the next few years, are tools that unlock the value of content in the digital age by formatting and managing content for device- independence. When content becomes reusable across multiple delivery channels its value increases enormously, which will foster investment in developing the next generation of content management tools" A quick run through of the table of contents shows the report covers some interesting terrain: * Mobile Content: The Value Chain & Delivery Format * Content Tools and Products -- Interesting to note that TYPO3, CoreMedia and Drupal are discussed in the report * Standards and Standards Organizations * Vendors * Market Forecasts You can read a short excerpt of the report and the entire table of contents on their site. The 112-page report costs US$ 3,995 for a hard copy. An electronic PDF version will run you US$ 4,695 for a single user license.