Anyone who’s anyone knows the Internet is practically vibrating with the buzz over cloud computing, how best to structure it and what it means for the future of the Web. Much like the recent microblogging trend and what it means in terms of ROI and customer service, companies are trading in their souls for a piece of the action.

One of the latest vendors to jump on the bandwagon is Six Apart (news, site). Their recent partnership with Etelos Inc. enables their Movable Type blogging platform to be available in a “cloud-hosted” environment.

 It’s Almost the Real Thing

Etelos provides a platform that enables the distribution of Web-based business applications. Through the Etelos suite, the Movable Type software is available—installed and configured—on a virtual server.

Now distributed via multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplaces that utilize the suite, the partnership simplifies building a social website on Movable Type. Customers can now select Movable Type from the marketplace and begin using it within minutes.

To reiterate: "Movable Type is a great resource for businesses planning to begin or augment their social media activities and enrich their online presence," said Danny Kolke, Etelos Founder & CEO. "One of the great advantages of the Etelos Platform Suite is the ability for software providers to distribute applications across multiple Etelos marketplaces.

Do You Smell Competition?

Moving into the cloud, whether it be officially or on a bit of an artificial basis like Six Apart has done, is at present a very wise decision. Additionally for Six Apart, it looks like the combination of Etelos and Movable Type means more competition for Wordpress.

Presently the platform is famous for its “5 Minute Installation”, and once you’ve done it there’s really no turning back—anything slower seems almost painful. A participant in true cloud computing, the software can also access and manipulate data on a completely platform-independent basis. The time it takes to sign up and get started is even shorter than the time it takes to install it on a personal server.

With Six Apart’s move into territory that is arguably the biggest reason Wordpress still statistically remains the more popular choice, we’re guessing a potential shift in numbers is a comin’.

Follow Six Apart’s blog here and see how they manage their new look, or check out Etelos happenings here