Movable Type 4.2 and MT Pro released
Six Apart, the creator of blogging platform Movable Type, and JumpBox, a developer of virtual appliances, announced the availability of Virtual Movable Type. With Virtual Movable Type, users can get a quicker start with MT using its virtual version that promises to be a simple and powerful alternative to installing Movable Type on a web server. It’s been a busy summer for Six Apart. It wasn’t long ago, when the company released the newest version of its blogging platform – Movable Type 4.2. Now, MT may gain even more popularity with the new virtual appliance that automatically installs the full power of Movable Type and all necessary infrastructure elements into a single virtual machine. No complex server configurations are necessary.

How Virtual MT Works

To get started, new Movable Type users can select a hosting provider that uses VMWare or Parallels virtual environments. Alternatively, users can utilize their own virtualized servers running Parallels, Xen, Microsoft Virtual Server or Microsoft Virtual PC. Customers can then download Virtual Movable Type by JumpBox and follow the documentation to complete the process. "You can get up and running immediately, while reducing the cost of configuration and maintenance. And it's a snap for anyone who wants to evaluate the platform…, whether that's on a desktop running VMWare or Parallels, a large-scale deployment on Amazon's EC2 or anything in between," said Ed Anuff, EVP and GM of the Movable Type Division at Six Apart. Virtual Movable Type includes all modules of the MT platform, exclusive features like Action Streams for connecting to dozens of popular social networks and a full web server infrastructure tailored to run Movable Type at peak performance.

Pricing and Availability

Virtual MT and Virtual MT Pro are free for developers and bloggers. Virtual Movable Type Pro for businesses is US$ 449.95 for 5 users and US$ 1549.95 for 20 users. Large corporations and enterprises can get a special enterprise license. Installation of Virtual Movable Type is in English, but users can set their language preferences once installation is complete since Movable Type supports posting in any language. The free, open source version of Virtual Movable Type can be downloaded from either the Movable Type community site or the JumpBox website.