metapress partners with woodhead publishing for e-book platform
MetaPress, a host of scientific, technical and medical content, recently announced its partnership with an independent, U.K.-based company called Woodhead Publishing. The partnership will allow Woodhead Publishing, through MetaPress, to offer a multi-tiered e-book platform consisting of a primary site and several secondary, subject-specific sites needed to accommodate the substantial growth of Woodhead Publishing.Woodhead Publishing works with e-book publications in the following subject areas: * Food science, technology and nutrition * Materials technology * Welding and metallurgy * Mechanical and civil engineering * Textile technology * Environmental technology * Finance, commodities and investment. Meta Press, a provider of services and support to an astounding 184 publishers (almost 32,000 scholarly publications across the globe), released their 2.0 version in August of 2006 making their company the first to offer a content management system with dimensional navigation across a variety of content types. With an obvious tight hold on online hosting and an obviously credible background, MetaPress provides a sweeping, reliable solution to Web publishing needs. Woodhead Publishing, located in Cambridge, is reportedly one of the fastest growing publishers in the United Kingdom. An independent international company, Woodhead Publishing typically publishes in the areas mentioned above. With all the development surrounding the topic, there should be no doubt that e-books are beginning to revolutionize the industry. In addition to Meta Press and Woodhead publishing, e-book platforms and partnerships have begun to pop up more frequently, including the agreement made between Safari Books Online and Packt back in March of this year. As we reported recently, The Frankfurt Book Fair conducted a survey in order to try and pinpoint exactly how much the digital world has begun to influence the publishing industry: 70% of the over 1,000 industry professionals from 30 countries that responded indicated that they were ready for the digitization of published works. That’s a pretty big percentage. Ironically, 60% reported that they don’t use e-books or e-readers at all, which explains why it is predicted that electronic solutions won’t be a main source of information until about 2013. This could possibly mean a slow start for the new partnership between Meta Press and Woodhead Publishing who plan to get their platform up and running in 2009, but with almost all trends doing what they can to plug in to the digital age, it still can’t be a bad move for either party.