News Publishing Tech Provider Wins Red Herring Top 100
At a time when publishers, print and web alike, struggle to stay relevant while providing the means to produce, publish and profit, Mediaspectrum sees itself as a solution for evolving social media initiatives. And Red Herring agrees. The Red Herring 100 recognizes the most innovative private technology companies based in North America, of which Mediaspectrum was included.

Mediaspectrum provides a web-based service solution aimed at addressing all aspects of advertising, content, community and e-commerce. Their Media 2.0 platform helps media companies, from the Washington Post to the Trinity Mirror, increase revenues, manage editorial content and streamline workflows.

The Selection

The top 100 were selected from a pool of 1,000 eligible companies and evaluated based on qualitative and quantitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation, management, global strategy and integration into their respective industries.

Companies chosen to represent the Red Herring 100 North America benefit from exclusive visibility through individual profiles featured online, as well as recognition from technology industry executives, investors, observers and clients.

The Solution

The Mediaspectrum Media 2.0 Platform offers three distinct suites: Sales, Production and Utilities. From AdWatch, ContentWatch and AdSales, all facets of publishing, like advertising, editorial and customer service, come alive in a productive, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Customers of Mediaspectrum were borne out of partnerships and share common goals of innovative and centralized strategies. While most other media companies operate independently, in an antiquated, fractured manner, Mediaspectrum customers benefit from a centralized platform, enabling companies to streamline not only their expenses from a technology perspective, but from a personnel perspective as well.

Understandably, it may seem in poor taste to highlight workforce reductions as a benefit, but in the world of publishing, it's a fact that most companies are facing. As companies struggle to cut costs, sometimes up to 80%, journalists who can't or won't master the ins and outs of web technologies won't survive.

The Future

Mediaspectrum's Vice President of Marketing, Jay Cody, believes that the future of publishing includes the merging of journalism and technology. At the Trinity Mirror, for instance, journalists receive Media 2.0 training and upload photos, video and content regularly from their mobile phones.

As well, Mr. Cody thinks that media companies who strive to better understand how social media can and will impact the future of journalism are well ahead of curve.

Since being recognized as one of the Red Herring 100, Mediaspectrum has caught the eye of media companies around the world. In May, Metro International, a Swedish media company based in Luxembourg that publishes the Metro newspapers, added the AdWatch content management platform, while in June, The Day, a Connecticut-based newspaper deployed ContentWatch.

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