How do you know when a trend has ceased to be a trend? When the "legitimate" players need to leap in to survive, and the trend-setters end up paying taxes just like everyone else. Polopoly Community Module, a collaboration solution from Polopoly, Scandinavia’s largest Content Management vendor, recently helped a major global newspaper get blog-savvy with a pay-per-view blogging system that also rewards bloggers.Metro Nordic, an appendage of Metro International, just launched a new service that puts bloggers on the newsy's payroll with the help of the Polopoly Community Module. The Community Module is neat because it actually integrates blog creation tools with a platform for generating commission-based payments at the same time. When bloggers achieve a certain number of page views in a month, the program automatically creates a bank account and sends a MasterCard to the author. This is the first time in which an enterprise blogging solution has been so neatly integrated with a commission-based payment process. "We chose Polopoly because we trust the system," said Business Director Mattias Nyman, of Metro Sverige Online. "Polopoly’s Community Module demanded little development, allowing us to quickly create the platform we have now." Polopoly didn't just make it easy for Metro bloggers to cash out; it also addressed payroll deduction issues. Through the platform, the newspaper pays social security fees and even withholds income tax, making this a simple and safe way for bloggers to get paid (without the unpleasant "freelancer's surprise" during tax time: a big IOU from the IRS). The best written material is then hand-selected and published on the nationwide edition of Metro Sweden and metro.se. There is no set limit to the number of blogs or bloggers that Polopoly can serve, making the solution scalability-friendly as well. Get polygamous with Polopoly right here.