Blogging for reasons other than personal is gaining massive momentum. Not only is everyone talking about it, but all sorts of folks are taking real action. Microsoft has been exceptional in its use of blogs. However, exceptional is relative to now, not where corporate blogging is going. What we'll likely see in the near future is the next evolution of the tools. As this happens, will the spirit of the blogosphere be lost?Sun has now joined the crowd with as have folks as obscure as New Hampshire based Stonyfield Farm ("Cow"mmunities --- what the...?). Where is this all going? In addition to applications such as knowledge management, corporate communications, and brand development, folks like Gawker Media are developing "new" revenue models around micro-publishing ...aka blogging. Gawker this past week launched a campaign specific blog for Nike. Others are sure to follow. The knowledge management possibilities should be readily obvious, if not terribly robust. With KM blogging provides a mechanism for the light-weight collection and possibly aggregation of employee knowledge. Corporate communications and marketing groups are experimenting more and more and are learning to mix their message-oriented content with knowledge-rich posts, thereby weaving a thread of spin throughout the value-base content -- seamless advertising, if you will. The best and perhaps the worst are yet to come. What concerns and excites me personally is the inevitable shaping pressures the enterprise audience will put on blogging. This will certainly be non-trivial, and perhaps not positive. In the meantime we'll be staying closely tuned, and welcome to my "blog". Update: Related is this interesting article.