Retailers are an extremely lucky bunch right now -- the stock market crash really isn't good for the bottom line, but the Christmas holiday season might just keep them in the black, assuming that people are feeling cheery enough to part ways with their hard-earned cash this winter season. A recently conducted survey by Aberdeen, a Harte-Hanks company, of 100 enterprises has determined that 55% of leading retailers are feeling the need to counter the selling strategies of competition amidst holiday pressure. Furthermore, 50% of these companies think that advanced online tools are part of the solution -- dynamic Web content management is believed to play a significant role.

Making Statements Through Web Sites

A retailer's Web site can and will play a significant role in the success or failure of the company -- today, sites like, and are either a hassle or pleasure to work with. Whereas some might say that is a wonderful site and CMS to navigate, others might despise the site. Could that be impacting potential sales for Wal-Mart? Absolutely! It's time for retailers to rethink those old, clunky, slow Web sites that plague online shoppers. Provide these potential customers with solid, fast, efficient and easy tools to make their decisions. Leading retailers realize that this is the time for change on the Web, and they are looking to revamp their Web sites. After all, a Web site is one of the most visible branding tools available to reach the masses that could be far more effective than billboard advertising. A retail analyst, Ben Ream, knows that putting together a great Web site for retail sales requires time and patience: "These content-rich, immersive sites are compelling, but require more bandwidth than standard, static pages. In order to avoid costly down time, leading retailers are taking a pre-emptive approach, and measuring system capacity against site application demands." It won't be too long before all leading retailers have pictures, videos, user video- and text-based reviews, social networking, personalized product suggestion and other technologies to help make their Web sites more effective, efficient and pleasing experience for their customers. These content management and Web 2.0 solutions are needed to remain competitive, and retailers are finally starting to get it.