Mosso Cloud Computing, CloudFS,
Rackspace's cloud computing provider Mosso announced they were introducing an Internet based storage solution called CloudFS as a complement to their recently launched, The Hosting Cloud. CloudFS is poised to be a competitor to Amazon S3 and Google Apps. Jonathan Bryce, co-founder of Mosso, spoke to CMSWire about the announcement. He told us that the driving force behind their company's products, including The Hosting Cloud and CloudFS were launched as a response to customers who wanted enterprise level technology, but "didn't want to have to run it themselves". Many of their clients include popular, high profile blogs where the maintainers would rather focus on creating content than on the back end. Like Amazon S3, CloudFS offers developers an opportunity to store their information and access it from anywhere at any time. It is available via API and is scalable, so you can use as little or as much as you want. If you are an existing Hosting Cloud or Rackspace customer, there is no charge for data transfer and it is easily integrated with other Rackspace services. However, developers need not have a Rackspace account, CloudFS is available as a stand alone service. Currently, CloudFS is only available in private beta. Mr. Bryce mentioned the reason for this is Mosso is interested in seeing it in action with customers who are more likely to use the service to its full extent and not just someone who will put up a small amount of information and then forget about it. They plan on making it available to the public in the Q3 2008. The biggest buzz around the blog campfire on this announcement is whether or not Amazon will lose their dominance on the market. Tech blog Mashable doesn't appear to think so but with its very straight forward easy to understand approach (not to mention low cost at $.15 cents a GB), it's possible they might be able to make a dent either by appealing to existing Mosso customers or appeal to developers who don't want to work with a big company such as Amazon. You can apply to be included in the private beta here