Tradeclips Launches YouTube-Like Media Sharing Site for Business

Video distribution over the Internet is becoming a powerful selling tool for many media businesses. Tradeclips provides enterprise with a professional YouTube-like service for those without their own distribution systems.

A Wall of Web Video

Tradeclips enters a busy traditional market of management and distribution of digital media content. The U.K.-based company aims to lower the cost and make the service more accessible by using cloud storage and a fast and secure web interface. It is of interest to photo and video creators/agencies media brands, broadcasters, PR companies and training companies.

Primarily aimed at getting video from media and PR companies to their clients, it offers a fully hosted service and charges purely on the amount of storage required. When an account is set up, users can upload files and set permissions for who can access them, set prices for valued content and leave the rest to the service.

Learning Opportunities


Geo-tagging of images and video is a useful asset

Paying Clip Service

Tradeclips has been developed by the same company that runs the long-standing (20 years and counting) Newslink service. It aims to bring the same high levels of credibility, service and security to delivering new media content. Tradeclips uses industry standard IPTC headers and an advanced search engine. Searches can be made across media type by title, caption, publisher and date. With geo-tagging, location-based search is a new useful option.

For big press events or launches, Tradeclips can be used to create packages (effectively press kits) of different file types, saving on multiple downloads. With a number of commercial and open source players like StudioNow and ResourceSpace, there are plenty of options for those looking to explore the digital media publishing space.