WoodWing Announces Upcoming Tools for the iPad
WoodWing (news, site) showed their love for Apple yesterday by announcing the development of a set of iPad-friendly tools.      

Firstly, WoodWing's Content Station for planning and publishing content has been extended to support the iPad's special type of digital publication. The support will allow everyone to get involved with Apple's new toy, as in addition to smoothing out the workflow for creating such content, the team will also offer a native iPad app for consumers to enjoy it. 

"Apple's iPad is most certainly going to boost the success of media consumption through handheld devices," explained Hans Janssen, CEO of WoodWing Software. "This offers a host of possibilities for publishers to create new sources of income. It's our task as a software supplier to provide them with the right tools for that job."

The new iPad tools will be unveiled on March 3 during the first stop of WoodWing's World Tour at the New York City. Can't make it? We got you