WoodWing Unveils Web To Print Solution

The announcement that WoodWing (news, site) has extended its enterprise content publishing platform with Brand Station web-to-print publishing extension underlines the Dutch-based provider’s move from collaboration tools to pushing the boundaries of its v6.0 publishing platform.

Brand Station focuses primarily on ensuring brand and site consistency across published material by establishing unshakable templates that will not be moved.

Control Over Look and Feel

Brand Station concentrates on the look and feel of the documents it produces such as letterheads, ads, business cards and the usual array of business documentation.

What is different, but not unique, is that this solution is integrated into the ECM as opposed to being separate, which some web-to-print solutions are.

Erik Schut, president of WoodWing, said: “Whereas most of the current Web-to-Print solutions are separate systems, Brand Station integrates transparently with our Enterprise content publishing platform, providing robust workflow, media asset management and multi-channel publishing at the same time... As our solutions are based on open-source standards, they are more cost-effective than most."

The web-to-print process involves brand owners, designers and brand users, with the aim to produce high-quality templates that will not allow for brand distortion, but will allow users manipulate content according to the needs of particular jobs. For example, brand users cannot change the design, but can customize the templates with unique information.



The new Brand Station interface

Brand Station highlights include:

  • Brand owners control what can be customized on the Web with Adobe InDesign.
  • Access to Brand Station from any major Web browser and work with any projects created in Adobe InDesign
  • Easy- to- use interface for selecting, scaling and cropping images.
  • Customizable workflow scheme where owners of a brand identity can choose to have final approval over customized projects
  • Multi-format viewing as either JPEG, EPS or PDFs. More formats can be added.

Brand Station can be dropped into the ECM of existing customers, or can be used on its own. Launched this week, the extension should be available now.