Woodwing Adds Broad Browser Support, New Features for Editors
WoodWing (news, site)  helps new and traditional media to work smarter through the use of technology. Its latest content manager sees the company open its arms to the new generation of browsers.

The Benefits of Adobe Flex and AIR

Content Station 6.2 is a part of WoodWing's Enterprise 6 Content Publishing Platform. Developed using Adobe Flex and running on AIR, it can run either on the desktop or in a web browser, helping it to run with cross-platform flexibility, without sacrificing performance or forcing the user to switch between types of interface.

The main Enterprise 6 package assists those creating content for print or online media, including mobile. Within Enterprise 6, Content Station works as the process manager, allowing content planning, creation and management. Other segments link in to common publishing tools such as InDesign, while others assist with web publishing and tie-in to other packages such as Drupal.

New Browser Support

Content Station 6.2 supports Firefox, Safari and IE on both the MAC and PC. There are also several other new features to improve usability and performance. These include faster rendering of thumbnails, support for restricted metadata fields in property dialogs and multiple file check-out and property adjustments.

Desktop and Browser Not Created Equal

However, there are some differences between the desktop and browser-based versions. Small differences. Firstly, you cannot drag and drop in the browser, instead uploading is required. Secondly you cannot auto-refresh a view, thanks to Flash, instead a manual refresh is needed to show the latest version.

Neither of these are particularly deal-breaking, and the flexibility of being able to use the full software on an office desktop and then carry on working from a laptop out of the office has obvious benefits for any user.