Yahoo Mobile,onePlace Content Management
Continuing in their efforts to revolutionize the global mobile ecosystem, Yahoo! has announced its newest invention – Yahoo! onePlace, a mobile content management system that will let you stay informed about the things you care about (or are required to care about). Is this an attempt to tie us even tighter to our mobile devices causing an even more continuously connected world that can’t live without the Internet? Shoot, guess it’s time to bring my CrackBerry out of storage – just when my shrink said I was cured. Yahoo! onePlace is the third installment from Yahoo after its reinvention of mobile search and mobile communication. According to Marco Boerries, executive vice president, ConnectedLife, Yahoo! “Yahoo! onePlace is where users will be able to find what matters to them the most, no matter where their interests, passions and information come from. Yahoo! onePlace will provide mobile users with a rich and dynamic content experience.” So what exactly is this onePlace anyway? As a savvy internet user you are use to bookmarking your favorite sites with any number of browsers or social tagging sites. Yahoo! onePlace works in a similar providing “smart bookmarks”. News feeds, websites, videos, images, emails, search queries and more can be linked to onePlace. You will see a preview of the content and have the ability to click content to go directly to the full version. The feeds are dynamically updated throughout the day.

You can have a number of personalized views such as: * Collections: Groupings of related content – such as everything you need to write your newest article or everything related to your trip to Europe. * Categories: A way of organizing similar content such as sports, news, etc… * Pulse: A single location to see all newest updates on your content. It also lets you prioritize which content is most important and displays changes to that content at the top of the list. * Favorites: A view of your most visited content (or favorite content). There’s a preview displayed and the ability to see the full content.

A mobile RSS reader is also integrated into onePlace to enable subscribing and reading favorite feeds. Yahoo! onePlace also includes Yahoo! oneSearch with Search Assist which enables you to easily search for content.

What about all that content you already have linked up in your personalized view of Yahoo? Well it’s supposed to be one click away from adding it to onePlace -- regardless of if it’s a Yahoo feed or otherwise. Expect to see Yahoo! onePlace released the second quarter of this year in tandem with the new Yahoo oneConnect mobile search solution. It is supposed to be available across “hundreds of devices and mobile browsers around the world”. Getting excited already? For more information on Yahoo mobile services take a look at their website.