Think of Dailymotion as a more organized version of YouTube. There are well-defined categories and a more logical layout of videos. Think of Conduit as your one-stop shop about what to do, where to go and how to share, made available via browser toolbar.

Put them together, and you get the Dailymotion Community Toolbar, an actual conduit for connecting videos with users.

Such is the new partnership between the two companies in its attempt to distribute Dailymotion’s content and services using the Conduit platform.

Get the Toolbar

The new community toolbar will offer streaming videos. Users can see breaking news, watch videos getting the most traffic, check the top 50 daily videos, upload videos and search for videos by title and category -- all directly from the branded toolbar.

In addition, Dailymotion's videos will be available through Conduit's marketplace, a sort of publishers warehouse, that can help distribute videos to web publishers and Conduit Network customers. Another way for user-generated streaming video to be used online in news formats or generally on the web.

Get the Buzz

The toolbar offers a few new components specifically for Dailymotion, including a "Buzz" link that updates daily with videos generating the greatest buzz on the video site. Buzz is now available to every publisher and user of a community toolbar powered by Conduit.

Any user with the TwitterMoms Community Toolbar, for example, can add the Dailymotion “Buzz” to his/her community toolbar and get one click access to Dailymotion directly in the browser window.

The partnership aims to advance the distribution of Dailymotion's content and the usefulness of the Conduit platform. It is another example of one of the innovative strategies impacting the web publishing infrastructure along the way.