Axonify thinks it’s cracked the code for those who want to give their employees a boost when it comes to reaching company goals and learning new strategies for their jobs.

The company’s new Axonify Behaviors service is a component to its Employee Knowledge Platform, a tool that companies use to measure employee learning by tracking desired outcomes and making a direct link to business results.

Better Work Through Data

Axonify CEO Carol Leaman said employers are able to use the visual data tools in a number of ways, but most notably to improve employee safety, streamline processes, and create better customer service. It’s part of a curriculum and learning system that tries to teach employees with research-based methods.

Some clients have found such data analysis can also accurately predict the likelihood of safety violations by analyzing how well employees are putting into practice safety protocols. It can fend off a costly lawsuit down the road.

“We can predict there will be an incident around disposal of hazardous waste,” she said. “The organization can then focus their effort on figuring out why in that location they’re seeing problems with that particular issue. They can drill into that safety risk and address it before an incident happens.”

The new component to this, Behaviors, seeks to more directly measure how employees are learning the new training material. There is some merit to the idea - a study by the Journal of Business and Management Sciences found an organization with high levels of employee satisfaction and strong possibilities for promotion can tend to have high morale.

Dangling the Carrot

One way that Axonify tries to boost this is through a system of gamification.

Learning Opportunities

In describing all the capabilities of the the Behaviors Platform, it’s easy to see that some may find it overbearing. Suddenly you’re being tracked in all manners by your employer, who is looking for very specific and measurable outcomes.

It produces great data, but one has to wonder if it eliminates the human factor and nuance that can’t be measured.

Leaman argues that when put into practice, that hasn’t been the case, especially since there’s a heavy element of gamification involved. Companies that go with the Axonify platform use rewards, prizes, leaderboards, even badges to help make the learning process as fun as possible.

“At lot of the employees see it as their employer is trying to help them be a smarter employee, and that’s good for me and also I want to win prizes and compete with my fellow coworkers to get recognized for what I know. There’s all kinds of those elements in that three minute-a-day experience. We haven’t had a single encounter of employees who feel this is something negative.”

Axonify’s current client list includes Walmart, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson.